Customer Engagement Coordinator

Role: The Customer Engagement Coordinator (CEC) is a dynamic role that fulfillment, customer service, B2B client servicing & sales support, and online community engagement. RUX’s early-adopter customers are key to the brand’s growth and success, and the CEC will run point on the engagement to maximize customer satisfaction, build loyalty, and drive customer LTV. The CEC reports to the COO. Like every role at RUX it will be an ever evolving role that will shift to suit RUX’s emerging business needs as well as the CEC’s skills and professional growth interests.



  • Start Date: Aug 2, 2022 (or when available)
  • Hours: 40 hrs / week
  • Location: Squamish 


  • Customer Service
    • Managing inquiries via hubspot, social media and email
    • Coordinating product returns, warranties, mis-ships, order merges, promo samples
  • Community Engagement
    • Lots of opportunity to optimize new channels we are entering, including affiliate, ambassadors, pro purchase, and retailer support.  
  • Logistics & Fulfillment 
    • Receiving bulk inventory into Squamish warehouse (with help from whole team)
    • Daily D2C orders - redirect to USA Warehouse or print, label & ship in Squamish
    • B2B bulk orders - periodic fulfillment blitzes for larger orders
    • Inventory management - Pairing online with physical, Canada/USA. 
  • Sales
    • B2B client servicing - Support sales manager by capturing B2B sales into invoices, adjusting inventory, order fulfillment, and customer retention
  • Systems Optimization
    • Identify opportunities to improve all of the above systems, processes, workflow. No wrong questions, we’re new, anything goes. 
  • Analytics - Reporting on key metrics:  B2B & D2C sales targets and results, customer service trends and opportunities
  • Office Administration - General tasks that come up in a dynamic startup environment. 

Candidate Should Be:

  • Systems thinker. Ability to quickly understand new platforms and adapt business processes accordingly. 
  • Proficient with data (metrics, finances), proficient with excel, Quickbooks, Adobe Acrobat, and quick to learn Hubspot, Shopify, courier accounts, and other online platforms.
  • Well-organized to stay prioritized in a very dynamic work environment
  • Self motivated to initiate and see-through new ideas and opportunities
  • Fast learner, open to new tasks, ideas and change of plans
  • Confident customer-first communicator
  • Open minded for all the unexpected tasks and projects that come up in a startup environment.

Apply: Contact with resume and cover letter/email