All One Trip. Life, that is. Or at least the good life. One continuous heavy-flowing river of adventures and surprises, of logistics and challenges, of rewards and euphoria. You can fight it and freeze or harness the flow. 

Founded on the wild west coast of BC, Canada in 2019 by mad scientist Tony Richardson and fellow gear junkies Andre Charland and Jamie Bond, RUX was born out of a desire to unlock a more agile lifestyle by freeing up more time, space and energy for the good life.

Our RUX mission is to boost your flow and freedom by giving you seamless and infinite ways to pack, stack, stow or haul your gear along the continuous trip we call life. 

We create more than bags or boxes. We build socio-technical systems with a shared emphasis on both excellence in technical performance and quality in people's lives. Or in plain English, we make portable, compressible ‘bag-boxes’ that out-perform both your clunky home/garage storage bins and your carry-on-the-go duffels and totes. 

We aim to liberate you and your gear for a wildy dynamic life well-lived. 

We believe less is more, systems are good, and right might be wrong unless you challenge it. 

Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.