10,000 Orders! We did it! YOU did it!

10,000 Orders! We did it! YOU did it!

by Jamie Bond on May 18, 2023

Yesterday we hit a huge milestone for our small (but apparently quickly growing) brand. We hit our 10,000th direct online order! It feels like just yesterday that we were launching our crowdfunding campaign and anxiously hoping our parents and close friends weren't the only keen customers. Sure they're still our keenest supporters, but they definitely couldn't have ordered all 10,000!

Since then we've...

And it feels like we're just getting started.

The RUX system for managing and moving your gear has tons of untapped potential, and we aren't stopping until Tony hits his goal of getting RUX on Mars.

This milestone is thanks to ALL of YOU... our new and returning customers, product testers, friends, family, staff, reps, investors, industry partners, media partners, fulfillment partners and factory team.

Thanks for your continued support and trust in RUX. Keep spreading the word and hitting us with your feedback, ideas, and gear management problems that need solving!

Keep your gear tight, and your plans loose.

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