RUX is all about making time and space for life outside in the wild, so what good is that without the wild?

Sustainability is one of our core values at RUX. We are proud to have committed to 1% For The Planet, supporting non-profit organizations that are making a difference. We are actively pursuing other sustainable business commitments to minimize any negative impact our manufacturing could have while maximizing the positive change we can affect.

While we continually learn more about sustainable material options, we’ve primarily focused on what we know best - design. Specifically, we are aiming for a sustainable product life-cycle, from creation to end of life.

You can build duffel bags out of recycled pop bottles all you want, but when the zipper breaks (which it will), and that whole bag just ends up in the trash, then is it really sustainable?

Central to our pursuit of a sustainable product life cycle, we've got a secret weapon at RUX: design for disassembly.

Design For Disassembly.

First, we design and build RUX to last and stay relevant for a lifetime, with durable materials and modular design.

Then, if part of your RUX eventually breaks, we’ve designed it for incredibly easy field repair or efficient product servicing.

Finally, after a life well-lived, your RUX can easily be almost completely disassembled into individual materials. Our end goal for future products is for those individual materials to each be recyclable.