Our Story

Making time and space for the good life outside.

RUX Founders getting ready for a heli trip up to Whitecap Alpine

Founded on the wild west coast of BC, Canada in 2019 by industrial designer Tony Richardson and entrepreneurs Andre Charland and Jamie Bond, RUX was born out of a desire to unlock a more agile lifestyle by freeing up more time, space and energy.

Our RUX mission is to make space for the good life by creating the most agile and sustainable systems for people to manage and move their gear.

Experiences Should Take Priority Over Possessions.  

But those of us who live for adventure know that having the right gear is critical to the experience—not only to enjoying it, but to ensure we make it there and back in one piece. And one struggle we can all relate to is gear management: finding the gear you need, quickly, and getting it from here to there in one piece.  

Until now, there’s been no effective system to pack, move, and protect your gear from the elements simply, efficiently, and reliably. RUX is changing that idea forever. 

We saw the need for a gear carry and storage solution as good as any piece of equipment we own, so we designed and built one to an unprecedented standard of versatility and durability. RUX products are not meant to sit on a shelf and gather dust, just like humans weren’t meant to sit in offices and stare at computer screens. They’re multi-functional, weatherproof, tough, light, repairable, and easy to use. They’re designed to go wherever you go and make your experience better. And we guarantee every RUX to last a lifetime. 

We’re champions of living an adventurous life. We love the gear we use. We couldn’t find a simple solution worthy of the gear we buy and the life we live, so we decided to make it.