RUX was born out of a desire to unlock a more agile lifestyle by freeing up more time, space and energy.


Founded on the wild west coast of BC, Canada in 2019 by industrial designer Tony Richardson and entrepreneurs Andre Charland and Jamie Bond.

We Create

... more than bags or boxes. We build socio-technical systems to improve quality in people’s lives.

We Aim

... to liberate you and your gear for a wildly dynamic life well-lived.

We Believe

... less is more, systems are good, the planet is worth preserving, and right might be wrong unless you challenge it.

Birth of RUX and the (Almost) Last Kitten

Every time somebody packs their outdoor gear into a lidless shopping bag to get from the garage to the trailhead, a kitten dies. True story.

That's why we started RUX. Sort of...

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