Birth of RUX and the (Almost) Last Kitten

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Every time somebody packs their outdoor gear into a lidless shopping bag to get from the garage to the trailhead, a kitten dies. True story. Just like a little piece of Andre dies every time his friends or family shove gear into cheap totes… or he can’t find his gear shoved deep into a duffel bag or storage bin… or the bins don’t fit in the damn truck… or any number of other choke points getting between him and a good time in the mountains. 

There’s only so many pieces of Andre to go around, and only so many kittens, so he had to think fast. If only there was something that he could pack faster than a duffel, store gear in better than a Rubbermaid bin, haul around like a tote or backpack, and make disappear when he didn’t need it. Keep dreamin’ buddy. There goes another kitten. 

But just when hope was running out, while unpacking his gear sprawl after a big backcountry ski day, Andre hit his head on his snowmobile and saw the light. Not the end of the tunnel light, the frickin’ brilliant idea light from cartoon shows. 

“Bag boxes! Half rucksack, half box! RUX! I need a [email protected]#kin’ RUX!”

He scrambled for a phone, called up Tony the industrial design maven and said “Tony, I need a [email protected]#kin’ RUX!” and Tony was like “what’s a [email protected]#kin’ RUX?!” and Andre was like “some kind of bag box 2-for-1 combo to store, stash and move my gear” and Tony was like “no I need a [email protected]#kin’ RUX, I’ve been scheming about that for years” and Andre was like “so you’re saying there’s a chance?”. 

Six new kittens were born that very moment. 

And that was that. 

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