Introducing RUX's Custom Logo Program: Elevate Your Brand with High-Quality, Versatile Products

Introducing RUX's Custom Logo Program: Elevate Your Brand with High-Quality, Versatile Products

by Joseph Schwartz on Jul 12, 2023

In a world where standing out from the crowd is essential, RUX is proud to announce our innovative Custom Logo Program. We have developed a unique offering that allows brands to give a truly special, branded corporate gift – one that is not only high-quality and versatile but also backed by a lifetime warranty. With our program, you can now have your logo printed on our exceptional products, including the Waterproof Bag, RUX 70L, and RUX Bag. Let's delve deeper into this exciting opportunity and discover how it can benefit your brand.

  1. Waterproof Bag: The Ultimate Companion for Any Adventure

Our Waterproof Bag is the epitome of durability and functionality. Designed to be self-standing and highly versatile, it boasts a generous capacity of 25L or more. Whether you're going on an outdoor adventure, hitting the beach, or simply need a reliable shoulder bag for everyday use, this bag has got you covered. The fully waterproof construction ensures your belongings stay safe and dry in any weather conditions. And now, with our Custom Logo Program, you can imprint your brand's logo on the bag, creating a unique and eye-catching gift that will make a lasting impression.

  1. RUX 70L: Unleash the Power of Versatility

The RUX 70L is the original rugged, collapsible, and highly portable gear storage and carry system. Its ingenious design allows for effortless setup and collapsibility, making it a perfect companion for adventurers and travelers. With a spacious 70L capacity, this gear storage system provides ample room for all your essentials. Whether you're exploring the great outdoors or need a versatile storage solution for your gear, the RUX 70L has you covered. By customizing it with your brand's logo through our program, you can elevate your corporate gifting game and provide your partners or clients with a truly exceptional gift that embodies the spirit of adventure.

  1. RUX Bag: Pack 'n Grab Convenience

The RUX Bag is an easy-to-pack and grab 25L tote that seamlessly nests inside the RUX 70L or functions as a stand-alone bag. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this bag offers practicality and style in one compact package. Its lightweight and durable construction make it ideal for everyday use, while its compatibility with the RUX 70L enhances its versatility. By adding your brand's custom logo to the RUX Bag, you create a unique promotional item that your customers, employees, or partners will love to use.

At RUX, we believe that a brand's logo should be showcased with pride. That's why we have developed our corporate sales program, enabling you to create branded gifts that leave a lasting impression. By leveraging our high-quality, versatile products, you can elevate your brand presence and forge stronger connections with your audience.

Are you ready to take your branding to new heights? Visit our website to learn more about our Corporate Collab Program and start designing your very own branded RUX products today. With RUX, quality, versatility, and style are just a logo away.

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