Essential Mother's Day Gifts (or anytime of the year)

Essential Mother's Day Gifts (or anytime of the year)

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Enjoy our annual Mother's Day Gift List, curated by style maven and resident RUX mom Sarah Frood. She just launched a designer re-sale site called so feel free to send her a message if you need any help with shopping her site or any others! 
Without further adieu, here's Sarah's list (in her words): 
Claire V baseball hats. I love all of her baseball hats so choose your favourite. Bonus points for the green Egality hat that helps raise money for an important cause.
Easy to wear bangles from Roxanne Assoulin.
Cowboy Carter inspired
The cutest cowboy pottery match striker. Pair this with a beautiful candle and you have a great little gift set.
15 pieces of flair à la Office Space
Don’t tell Tony but I like to jazz up my RUX Waterproof Bag with different straps and dongles. Not Another Bill has great little gift ideas in general. I especially love the key rings you can personalize… great for flair.
The new RUX Cooler Set - obviously.
Perfect Lounge Wear
I’m always looking for the perfect sweatpants and these might be it. 
Make Memories!
I’m generalizing here but a lot of moms don’t have a lot of photos of themselves with their kids. Here's how to change that.
1) Make a point of taking a lot of photos of mom and her kids, this will make her heart explode.
2) Hire a local photographer and organize a family photoshoot. Give her a little notice so she can pick her outfit.
3) Make a photo book from Artifact Uprising
Shop Sustainable
Buy a gift card to shop designer re-sale. You can love fashion and do your best to be sustainable by buying some incredible pre-loved pieces. Mine & Yours has an amazing selection and offers gift cards.  (editors note: also, Sarah's designer re-sale site is amazing and curated for hip mountain folk, check it out!). 

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