Fly the Friendly Skies with RUX

Fly the Friendly Skies with RUX

by Joseph Schwartz on Sep 14, 2022

Not everyone knows this, but the secret RUX mission is take our product to Mars. Until then, we're practicing air travel within the confines of our atmosphere (for now). It's been really cool to see how our community has been using the RUX 70L, Waterproof Bag, and Components to smooth out their travel logistics. 

Carry on limits? Not with RUX!

Ever need more storage room, or gear transport capabilities once you get to a destination? If you're holiday adventuring, purchasing supplies for a vacation base, or just need somewhere to stash gear while traveling, the answer is YES. With the RUX 70L compressed, up to three lashed (using the 70L compression straps) can easily fit into the overhead bins on a 737. Combine that with a 25L Waterproof Bag, and you have over 230 litres of storage capacity once you arrive at your destination. That doesn't even factor check-in baggage (which a full RUX 70L works perfectly for). 

Oh, the places you'll go....

RUX has been really racking up the frequent flier miles! We've heard of the 70L and the Waterproof Bag flying to Alaska for heli skiing, New York City for business trips, Texas for moto adventures, Europe for bike races and family holidays, Hawaii for vacation, and Central America for school. We're stoked to see where else RUX assists on travel!

Adventure Flight

While RUX does domestic and international flights, we really shine when things get a little more adventurous. We're talking bush planes, float planes, helicopters, and whatever other mode of flight gets folks into lesser traveled areas by air. The grab handles on the 70L are perfect for loading bush planes to do cool fly in river trips, like friends did this summer in Northern Canada.

The 70L dimensions are ideal for a helicopter basket. Whitecap Alpine uses theirs for transporting food and gear into their plush backcountry lodge. Phantom Heliskiing fills up a 70L with a deluxe lunch and tea for heliskiing clients. 49 North Heli uses theirs for gear when they fly clients into glacial lakes to go paddleboarding. 

Next Level Organization

Adding RUX components to the equation will elevate the travel game pretty quick. We're partial to flying with the Waterproof Bag as carry-on, with the RUX Pocket clipped to the outside. Everything we need for a quick get-away is in the Waterproof Bag, and keys/wallet/passport/etc is all secure and easily accessed in the Pocket. If we're adding more gear to the mix, we'll throw a 70L or two in, either compressed as carry-ons (one fits under the seat too!) or loaded as a check -in. We'll always throw in a RUX Bag or two for extra gear management once at our destination. 

Happy travels! 

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