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Sure, the RUX team has four lifetimes worth of life hacks and ideas for how best to sort, stack, stow and carry our gear. But we know that’s like a speck of dust in the cosmos compared to the collective mindspace of our outdoor community. Yes we’re talking about you kick-ass, talented, passionate globe-roaming adventure athletes. And yes we are buttering you up, because we want your feedback (at the end of this post). 

Our goal is to create a carriable gear storage solution so agile and versatile that it becomes the no-brainer go-to kit for each and every one of your needs. Whether you're lining up for a big mountain strike mission, schlepping kids soccer gear to the field, or smuggling a worm colony into your friends house for a weird prank, we want to make it easier, faster and more fun. 

One of the biggest challenges of designing RUX has been the utopian level of versatility that we’re chasing. After all, we're aiming to replace your $30 storage bin, your $100 tote, and your $250 waterproof duffel all in one go. To achieve this, the base unit has to be as simple as possible, while optional accessories need to be universal and highly versatile. 

Have some feedback for us? Dreams of where you might use these things when they’re ready? 

Hit us up with suggestions. Maybe we’ll get enough protos for you to help test’em. 

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  • This is gona change the contortion game.

    Taran on
  • Feel free to contact me if you have more questions.

    Patrick Delaney on
  • I am a big fan of wake and bake so my plans are always loose- tight gear will help me fake it.

    Mc reefcrank on
  • Go squad!

    Kinley on

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