How to Gear up for Spring

How to Gear up for Spring

by Chris Fleugel on Apr 11, 2023

Spring is here. Get your gear ready to roll!

Spring is a sneaky season. One day it’s cold and dreary, the next is sunny and warm, and the birds are chirping. Get your gear ready for this great time of the year with some helpful hints from our RUX resident gear snobs.

RUX How to pack how to bike

Dust off them cobwebs!

Is your sporting equipment in good shape after being stored all winter? This is a good chance to get your gear into a local shop for some repairs, or updates. Get that bike dialed and ready to roll for a big season ahead. Climbing gear: give your ropes and hardware a once over. It’s never fun to get to the crag and remember that core shot in your rope from your last day out in the fall.

RUX How to pack

Keep ‘em Separated

Spring is the magical time of dual/triple/quadruple sports days. Keep your gear at the ready, and nicely organized. What better way to stay dialed than a few 70Ls, and inventoried contents via the RUX App!

RUX Ski How to pack how to ski

Store that Winter Gear

We like to give all of our outerwear a good washing (ideally with waterproof renewal detergent). Store it away nice and dry. Give the skis a good coating of summer wax. Backcountry gear: take the batteries out of your transciever for summer storage, and store your climbing skins in a cool dry spot, ideally with glue savers applied.

RUX Camp Kitchen How to pack how to camp

Camping Season is Right Around the Corner!

This is the time of year to dial in your Camp Kitchen Kit, so you can grab and go when that opportunity arises. Pull out all your camping gear, check for any issues, and repair/replace items as necessary. Build out a few packing lists on the RUX App so your camp weekend prep is smooth and uneventful!

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