Keep Your Gear Tight and Your Plans Loose

Keep Your Gear Tight and Your Plans Loose

by Jamie Bond on Apr 20, 2020

Keep your gear tight and your plans loose. It isn’t just our motto, it’s a way of life. Like a sage drifter once told me, “Just attach a forward-facing arrow on the ceiling of your van and then follow it, man.” Wise words, but you can’t just turn on a dime and hit the freedom highway if your gear is a junkshow and your life a circus of chains.

Your gear stash between missions is a very personalized thing. Some people like it messy, some like to nerd out for hours until their garage is immaculate. Many don’t have garages, or even free closet space, so it’s just a jedi Tetris game of gear piles, shelves, and ceiling mounts. Some like the flow of never putting gear away because they’re just going to use it again tomorrow, clean or not. 

But who cares? Not us. Anyone? Bueller? 

What really matters is how agile your setup is, because the more agile your gear prep is - the more agile your life. 

The next sneaker 15cm sunny pow day might strike on a work day. The next swell might fake out the forecasts and hit a day early. The next time your neighbour texts you that he’s going riding, he might give 5 minutes warning, if you’re lucky. 

If you played your life cards right that week, you’ll be ready to rip, ‘cause we all know the best plans are no plans, and that you always exceed expectations if there were none to begin with. 

If being agile was ever an asset, now’s the time to test it. Uncertainty is at an all time high, but if you’re positioned agile and always ready, then we say bring it on. The arrow will be pointing the right way no matter what. 

Follow the arrow, man.

Just follow the arrow, man. 

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