RUX Origins: Our Design Story

RUX Origins: Our Design Story

by Joseph Schwartz on Dec 13, 2021

While RUX is a young company, our roots of origin run deep. Our story starts on youthful trips to the mountains, rivers and beyond. Learning from the more experienced, revelling in being OUT THERE, and soaking in the raw sensations of being exposed to those wild places.

RUX may have just launched one year ago, but the RUX approach to solving problems originated in those formative years. The first trip into the big mountains, the gear explosions at base camp, lashing packs to burros, the wide-eyed craziness of traveling into lesser known corners of the globe. These experiences inform our approach to building innovative, creative solutions for managing your gear, on whatever the adventure.

Making a pit stop in Bell 2 on the Stuart-Cassiar Hwy in Northern BC on the way to climb and ski Mt Logan.

Stretching the legs somewhere on the Altiplano of Bolivia, one of the many forms of transportation on a (mostly) land based trip from BC to Patagonia and back.

Loading the zodiac for a summer on Mitlenach Island in Johnston Straight

Unloading bags for the final leg of the journey in to Tahgia in the Altus Mountains of Morocco on a rock climbing trip.

The final legs of the journey.

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    Jan 27, 2023 at 15:58

    Question what is the maximum weight capacity?


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