RUX Rides — Ricketts’ Ride

RUX Rides — Ricketts’ Ride

by Jamie Bond on Jun 14, 2021

RUX Rides is back with another rad adventure family with a bad-ass set of wheels. This week we’re featuring the Ricketts — a family of 4 living in Britannia Beach, just south of RUX’s HQ in Squamish, BC.

COVID travel restrictions may have stifled their adventure plans this spring, but that didn’t stop them from setting up camp super close to home and making the most of it.


What’s your vehicle?

F550 4x4 diesel camper


What’s your favourite feature of your vehicle?

Unlike many truck campers, ours has a standing height walk through from the cab to the back which is so convenient for snacks and washroom breaks, especially with two kids. Myles would also add the beefy diesel engine is at the top of his list.


Best location/adventure you’ve ever had with your vehicle?

Sea to Sky ocean front camping is the most beautiful. But having a house on wheels makes going anywhere, from the side of the road to a night outside a friend’s house so convenient!


Most epic stuck/breakdown/wrong turn?

While driving in the interior of BC, we found a lone bike trail on Trailforks that looked like the perfect road trip break. We pulled over, and drove up the steep switch backs to the trail head, we talked about how gnarly of a drive down it would be if it were to rain as the narrow road was full of molded in deep tire tracks and steep edges. As we neared the top, a cloud rolled over us and started to rain. Myles quickly got on his bike to descend while I (Megan, 9 months pregnant with 2 year old Moss in the backseat) started to drive down. The road turned to mud quickly and although we made it through the majority of the steep switchbacks the dually tires were jammed full of mud.

Mud sausages oozing out the wheels, the rig started sliding sideways, I struggling to control the truck (knees shaking), but was finally able to stop and text Myles to let him know we were stuck. Myles stopped his descent and sloughed his way back up through the deep to the truck. Myles was able to fish tale our way out of there, but it was a sketchy descent and we’ll make sure it’s dry before going there again.


Any advice to someone thinking of getting into a custom adventure vehicle?

Do it! Download the overlander app and buy yourself a multi-tool RUX!


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