RUX Rides: the Bruce Banner edition custom van build by Tourig

RUX Rides: the Bruce Banner edition custom van build by Tourig

by Joseph Schwartz on Jul 05, 2023

Since 2015, TOURIG has been building high performance camper vans. The company focuses on building vehicles that provide the perfect cross of comfort, functionality and form without compromising weight and adaptability on and off road. TOURIG is based out of Golden, Colorado. 

We sat down with the TOURIG founder Eric Miller and his team recently to chat vans, and their most recent custom van build, the Bruce Banner. 

RUX: Who is Tourig? What do you do? Where are you based? What makes you happiest?

TOURIG: Our history and foundation say it all; TOURIG was founded to encourage the spirit of adventure. The concept arose when Eric Miller and his business partner at the time needed a self-contained, over the road vehicle that would serve as a mobile office, hotel room and base camp of sorts. Fast forward a few decades to today, and we now manufacture camper vans that provide the perfect cross of comfort, functionality and form without compromising weight and adaptability on and off road.

We put just as much energy into our relationship with each customer as we put into each buildout because we take pride in making something that allows families and friends to travel and adventure. At TOURIG you can expect the best in customer service as well as industry leading quality and craftsmanship. We are based in the foothills in Golden, Colorado – a beautiful playground to work and play in.

Describe your vehicle: make, model, etc.

Bruce Banner was designed for backcountry trails and extended off-grid journeys. It’s our most popular and most well-known model - perfect for any adventurous duo. It’s built on a Sprinter 170 chassis with all the creature comforts you’d want when traveling for extended periods of time. It features a full shower and toilet, full kitchen with fridge, induction cooktop and counter space, lots of upper and lower cabinets for storage, a (modular) platform bed for two, A/C and heating (with a backup heater), upgraded suspension, wheels and tires, solar, and a 600AH Lithium battery system. (Since it’s become our most popular adventure van, we’ve designed Bruce Banner 4.0 – a Bruce Banner to accommodate the adventurous family of four.)

Describe your favourite feature of the Bruce Banner

A favorite feature of this camper van is our Airliner cabinets. This van was designed with lots of cabinet space for storage – which I love. Not only do you get lots of storage but you get it in a lightweight, aluminum design that doesn’t add a lot of extra weight to your vehicle (GVW is a major consideration when we design our vehicles). And, because these cabinets are aluminum, they hold up to a lot of wear, they don’t warp like heavy wood cabinets do, and they don’t make any rattling noises.

Best location/adventure you've ever had with your vehicle?

I’ve had a lot of cool trips to Baja, where days are spent off-roading, fishing, surfing and watching the most beautiful sunsets in some of the most remote parts of the peninsula. But honestly it would be hard to choose a favorite trip or adventure in my van. Every time I get in my van it’s an adventure and that’s what I love most about it.

Most epic stuck/breakdown/wrong turn?

I accidentally came down a canyon in the rain in poor off road conditions only to realize there was no way to back up or turn around; I could only go forward if I wanted to get out. There are no other cars, no people, and no town in sight. I’m slowly driving along, inching my way forward and the rain turns into a desert deluge. The trail I’m on turns to a steep decline and as I try to make out the landscape in front of me, I look through the stormy windshield and see exactly what I don’t want to see: canyons dropping off on either side of me. The storm continues and I can feel the ground beneath my tires start getting softer and softer. All four tires are pointing down this steep hill and any traction I had quickly deceased and the van starts slipping on the soft silt beneath it. I’ve never been so scared – I was terrified - the most scared I’ve ever been! Somehow, miraculously, I got out unscathed without even a single scratch on the van. That’s a canyon road I’ll never forget…

Any advice to someone thinking of getting into a custom adventure van?

Keep it simple. Simple and functional. And don’t ever hesitate to ask us for advice – we’ve spent a lot of time in vans and want to share our experience with you. We’re not here to upsell – we’re here to help you build the adventure van that’s best suited for you.

Check out the TOURIG services HERE, and plan to meet up with them at one of the many events they're attending in 2023! 

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