Rux Rides- Willie's VW Vanagon

Rux Rides- Willie's VW Vanagon

by Sam Eastman on Jul 07, 2021

For this edition of RUX rides, we touch base with Willie and his legendary VW Vanagon. Willie's lifestyle is curated to be spend as much time outside as possible. We think the RUX's modular nature can help him spend less time organizing and more time dropping in.


Tell us a bit about yourself? Where do you live? What makes you happiest?

My name is Willie, and I am an adventure and outdoor lifestyle photographer.  I spend my time mainly on the west coast, pursuing climbing and skiing objectives as well as getting outside as much as possible. Sharing the outdoors with folks is one of my greatest joys, and helping people find new ways to feel involved with nature is a true joy.

Describe your vehicle: make, model, etc.

VW Vanagon Hightop

Describe your favourite feature of your vehicle

Ruby (my VW) just got a makeover, in which I cut the roof off and added a new high top. That has provided permanent standing room and a great new look. The entire build was redone, so it's as cozy as it's ever been!

Best location/adventure you've ever had with your vehicle?

Every few years we mob down to the Baja peninsula in Mexico. It takes over a month and the fish tacos are always a high point. As well as the surfing and spear fishing.

Most epic stuck/breakdown/wrong turn?

VW's have some notoriety in the break-down category... I managed to blow a head gasket in an extremely rural town in Alberta, Canada. The one shop in town wasn't sure if they could even help me, but after a week of living in their parking lot and hanging out with the mechanic, we got it figured out.

Any advice to someone thinking of getting into a custom adventure vehicle?

Be willing to make changes, no matter how well you've planned out your adventure vehicle, there's generally room to grow in the design and how you use it.

On a side note, we love this FJ60. Possibly the best 4x4 of all time?


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