RUX Storytellers

RUX Storytellers

by Chris Fleugel on Nov 02, 2022

Over the summer, we launched our RUX Storyteller program, where we found a rockin' group of creative partners to help tell our story: making space for adventure through gear organization.

We've got some exciting news! We're re-opening Storyteller submissions!


1) Introduce yourself
 and tell us (creatively) how RUX would be helpful in your life: whether that's at home, on the road, or in the middle of the biggest adventure of your life. This can be via a photo, video, story or reel/TikTok. Tag us and use the hashtag #RUXstoryteller

2) Complete and submit the application form. 



100 followers or 100,000, that's not important. We're looking for folks who can communicate creatively through engaging digital content, and know their way around the social landscape.

We're looking for people who can, in an authentic voice and tone, tell the story of RUX through their adventures; whether that's an epic road trip, a crazy globe-trotting journey, or the ultimate in gear management logistics: camping with the family. RUX is different things to different people, and we're looking for storytellers that exemplify this.



Once selected as a RUX Storyteller, we would expect monthly content submissions that highlight your adventures with the RUX products through any creative approach you want! We'll review and select qualified submissions monthly, and work with the Storyteller to get those posts live and whitelisted.

Specific deliverables can include:

- TikTok & IG reels
- edited Stories
- raw footage and images 


Apply Now!

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