The RUX 70L featured in Gear Junkie

The RUX 70L featured in Gear Junkie

by Chris Fleugel on Apr 26, 2023

“My eyebrows rose at a triple-digit sticker price for the single item. However, after testing it on multiple half-day outings to Eldora, a weekend ski trip to Steamboat, and a week-long road trip across Colorado (filled with lots of packing and unpacking), I’m convinced the RUX 70L really is something special.”

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“There’s no question that the RUX 70L is over-engineered. But that’s the beauty of this versatile gear-hauler. Bin, tote, duffel, beer cooler, or backpack: The RUX 70L can be whatever you want it to be. It’s made with burly, waterproof materials, offers numerous carrying configurations, and has a lifetime guarantee. There’s even the accompanying app.”

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