We're looking for L-Track Testers!

We're looking for L-Track Testers!

Posted by Joseph Schwartz on

L-Track, also known as Logistic Track, is a versatile tie-down system consisting of aluminum rails, fittings, and straps used to secure a range of cargo.

We’ve been on a mission to develop a system to help attach your RUX 70L easily, securely, and quickly to your L-track.

 Gif of installing a RUX on L track RUX sitting on L track


We’re looking for people to test our new RUX L-track Hooks, and provide feedback on what they’re currently using for storage logistics in their van/RV. If this sounds like you, apply to be a tester and provide your insight below!





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  • Was looking at building something similar to use on an Ineos grenadier L-track utility belt which is on the exterior doors.

    Sean on
  • I’m looking at this for use in the cybertruck since it comes installed with L-track in the bed. Your Rux pack with L-track connection looks like it will be the perfect storage solution for cybertruck owners.

    Lindley on
  • Hello,
    I have a 2023 Sprinter AWD arriving shortly for an adventure build/branded company vehicle for events, etc. I’ll be building some L-tracks in, and can customize additional tracks in the build if this were to work out. Let’s chat via email!

    Jim S on
  • I filled in the form. I live locally (North Van) so I am willing to come in. I have a 3rd Gen Tacoma with SmartCap and RTT. I am not sure where the track would be best utilized but I am willing to talk to someone there about it.

    Rob on
  • Hey Derik, your vans sound (and look) epic! That’s exactly the problem we’re trying to solve! We’re getting another batch of these new L-Track Hooks manufactured shortly, so we’ll reach out as soon as we have them. As long as you’ve filled out the survey in the blog above, you’re on the list!

    Chris from RUX

    Chris on
  • I was having a hard time uploading photos..


    Paul Augustine King on
  • Hello, I own and operate a company named obp – Off the Beaten Path and we provide speciality vehicles to the Entertainment Industry. We currently operate 4 Mercedes 4X4 Sprinter Vans that were customized by ADF Sprinters in Simi Valley. I have 4 RUX 70L units (one in each van) that are used between the front seats for storage of recovery gear and other items. We have been looking for a way to secure them and stop them from sliding and hopping around in rough terrain. I was thinking of mounting L-Track the seat base and running a wire through the loops on the bottom, but that would only deal with the sliding issue. If I had these hooks it would secure them I could use a double lug or a single stud to keep it from sliding back and forth and the hook would keep it grounded. Our website is still being built but there are a few pics of our products on it. obp4X4.com

    Derik HIxon on

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