RUX Utility Hooks

Enable modular storage in your garage, van, or wherever else you have slatwall or l-track!


Easily hook your 70L into L-track, giving you an intermodal storage system inside your van or camper.


Hooks into most types of slatwall so you can easily store your gear so it’s always ready to grab-n-go!

Installation on your RUX 70L

Slide the Utility Hooks onto either side of the RUX Utility Rail and secure using a 2.5mm hex key

Insert on Slatwall and L-track

  1. Guide the top lip of the Utility Hook into the channel
  2. Inset and rest the lower lip into the L-track or Slatwall channel

Working Load Limit

We recommend a maximum loading limit of 50lbs or 23kgs.