Web & Digital Content Creator @ RUX

Company: RUX is an innovative startup gear brand based in Squamish, BC. Our mission is to create more time and space for people to enjoy life outside, by creating the most agile and sustainable systems to pack, move and use their gear.

Program: We aim to renew our participation in a youth employment program through the Canadian government. It has yielded a unique opportunity for a young web/content creator to join our dynamic startup business and develop a variety of skills while contributing to our growing business.

Candidate must be:

  • between 15 and 30 years of age (inclusive);
  • a post-secondary graduate
  • a Canadian citizen, permanent resident of Canada, or person who has been granted refugee status in Canada (work permits or students visas are not permitted);
  • legally entitled to work according to the relevant provincial legislation and regulations;
  • a first-time participant in a YESS work experience program targeted

Fixed Term:

  • Start Date: ~June 6 2022 (or when available)
  • End Date: ~Dec 31, 2022
  • After the fixed term of the program we can re-evaluate opportunities

Hours: 40 hrs / week. Mix of remote and on location.

Skill Development & Responsibilities

  • Shopify e-commerce - light web dev, site & app configurations, constant site optimization (for speed performance and conversions), landing page creation, content block layouts, online forms
  • Content creation
    • Graphic design - with direction from our new brand style guide, create branded marketing assets such as email templates, contest promo banners, presentation decks, social post collages and layouts, infographics
    • Written - Blog writing: mix of original content creation and customer/industry interviews. Copy writing - email, website, social. 
    • Multimedia - photo & video capturing and some light editing when appropriate
  • Social media - content strategy, creation, publishing, and audience engagement
  • Admin, Coordination, General - various and diverse tasks that come with the territory of operating a small startup business, be it wrangling content out of athletes and industry partners to executing a plan B display option when the tradeshow booth doesn’t arrive on time. No two days are the same. 

Candidate Should Be:

  • Self motivated to initiate and see-through new ideas and opportunities
  • Well-organized to stay prioritized in a very dynamic work environment
  • Well-attuned to active outdoor community, and relevant brand voice and tone
  • Fast learner, open to new tasks, ideas and change of plans
  • Proficient with light Shopify and web development, photography, videography, mobile content capture, copy writing. 

Project Summary For Youth Employment Program

To provide employment for an Digital Media graduate youth in the retail/e-commerce industry and provide high quality training in a range of web & content development needs to gain a diverse skill sets at a dynamic and rapidly growing Squamish, BC based startup equipment brand. There is really no limit to the diversity of projects and skill sets to pursue at RUX during this early stage of our business. 

Apply: Contact jamie@rux.life