RUX Carabiner and Connect Buckle

RUX Carabiner and Connect Buckle

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Accessorize your RUX 70L: connect keys, tools, bottles or other small items to your RUX 70L - inside or out. 

The RUX Carabiner & Connect Buckle combines the ergonomic design of the RUX Carabiner with the compatibility of the RUX Connect Buckle, enabling smooth integration into the RUX Utility Rails. 

It’s a practical and versatile addition to the RUX system, simplifying connections and enhancing usability.

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"The RUX is one of the outdoor industries' best kept secrets - but not for long."

"It's all the good parts of a box combined with all the good parts of a bag."

"It's hart to imagine going back to a pile of bins and bags. I'm considering investing in a second RUX."

"Support a small Canadian business hailing from Squamish, BC, and make transporting gear a whole lot easier."

Built to last

That is why RUX products come with a lifetime guarantee. RUX are tested and designed in Squamish, BC under the harshest conditions we can throw at it. If a product ever fails, even after extended use, we will repair or replace your RUX, guaranteed.