10 Camping Hacks: Family Edition

10 Camping Hacks: Family Edition

by Jamie Bond on Apr 19, 2021

Camping with young kids is like juggling fire batons… hopefully a thrilling experience but it can go south in heartbeat if you aren’t prepared. Here’s a few of our favorite tips and hacks to stay ahead of the game on your next camping trip with young kids.

# 1 — Line Your Tent Floor

#2 — Separate Play Tent

#3 — High Vis Tent Line Decorations

#4 — Wash it Up

First up…. baby wipes for days! I mean, pack a lot of them. They are absolutely invaluable when camping with kids. From hand cleaning in a pinch, to refreshing cool-downs if you store them in the cooler, baby wipes are such a clutch item for young campers — not just babies.

Secondly, bath time. If you didn’t pack something that can double as a camping bathtub, then you’re definitely packing wrong. Most large bins will do the trick, and your RUX can even double as a wash station or baby bath tub in a pinch.

#5 — Pre Cook & Keep It Simple

#6 — Nature Crafts

#7 — Bring Friends

#8 - Glow Sticks

#9 — Bring Entertainment

Yes, we know, that was only 9. But we’re sure you’ve got the 10th hack for us? Leave it in the comments if so.


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