Family Camping With RUX

Family Camping With RUX

by Jamie Bond on Apr 20, 2021

"For raising a young family I feel super lucky to have so much access to the outdoors here in BC. We can jump in the car and be setting up a gorgeous campsite in minutes.

If we keep our gear dialed between trips we can mobilize on a whim when the weather is right, or just when we need a little last minute wild time.

With three kids in tow, showing up with forgotten essentials is NOT an option. That's why working on RUX has been so damn rewarding. If we can create a better system for packing, storing and transporting all our gear, then what's stopping us?

Here at RUX we joke about keeping your gear tight, and your plans loose. But really that's what it's all about, isn't it? If your gear can adapt along the way, then you can just get outside and, well, wing it.

That's when the magic happens. It's not always pretty and there's bruises and burnt marshmallows along the way. But when it all comes together, even for just a moment, nothing else matters. The more of that the better eh."

Video: Mike Henitiuk

Location: Squamish, BC. 20 min from RUX's design studio.


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