4 Ways "Not to RUX"

4 Ways "Not to RUX"

by Chris Fleugel on Aug 18, 2022

We failed you. We wanted RUX to do EVERYTHING for EVERYONE. Sure, it’s the MOST VERSATILE, adaptable, modular, all-season gear hauler on the planet. But… it can’t quite do everything. Believe us, we’ve tried, so you don’t have to.

Just to Play It Safe, Here are 4 Ways
"Not to RUX"

1. As an umbrella

Sure it shares a lot of the same features - highly weatherproof, collapsible, easy to stow, and ready when you need it, but… it just ain’t right. Innocent bystanders could get hurt while you blindly stroll through town with a RUX 70L on your head. 

RUX Umbrella

2. As a portaledge

Portable, yes. Super bomber, yes. Climbing grade nylon straps, yes. But have you ever spent 7 hours in a 40x50cm box, 2000m off the deck?


3. As a canoe

I mean, maybe? Waterproof materials, voluminous form, carries all your fishing gear, and you can attach infinite things to it. But where would your buddy sit? Where would you put the beer?

RUX Canoe

4. As a toboggan

OK not gonna lie, after unloading your ski gear from your RUX 70L, it’d be pretty damn fun to bomb down the mountain. We’ll let you have this one. But keep the lid off eh. It’s designed to keep things inside, hell or high water.

RUX Toboggan

Nothing’s perfect right? We’ll keep testing and refining our gear so you can keep yours organized and on the move, ready for anything… almost.


For almost everything and everywhere, get your RUX gear management system

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