Be a Burrito, Not a Taco

Be a Burrito, Not a Taco

by Jamie Bond on May 26, 2020

Tacos and burritos have a lot in common. A hungry mountain biker just getting home from a huge ride couldn’t care less about the difference. He might even argue they’re the same thing. They have similar ingredients, they taste good, and they get the job done, i.e. they get you fed — one way or another.

But you know when they’re not the same? WHEN YOU FLIP A TACO UPSIDE DOWN! How do you like your taco now, punk?!

Or how ‘bout when you only have one free hand to eat with. Mmmm, how’s that lap full of ground beef treating you buddy?

What about taking your taco to and from your car?

Stacking your tacos on top of eachother to save them for later?

Throwing your taco to a friend? Out of a boat?

Stuffing a taco into your ski touring pants pocket for a mid day snack?

Ever tried to strap a taco onto a pack horse before a trip to base camp? How bout a latching taco onto a roof rack or a cargo hitch? Ya didn’t think so. Good luck with that.

You’ve probably figured out by now that I’m not really talking about Mexican food. I’m talking about how to tighten up your gear management so you can free up time and space for the good things in life.

Whether its for overland expedition or just a trip to the beach with kids, tacos and burritos can teach us a valuable lesson about how to pack, manage and move our gear.

Be a burrito, not a taco. Keep your gear tight and your plans loose.

Don’t worry. Tony is our RUX designer. Jamie is just here because he needs more burritos in his life. 



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