Why RUX? The Startup Name Game

Why RUX? The Startup Name Game

by Jamie Bond on May 20, 2020

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No wait, it’s a Rucksack! It’s a box! It’s RUX!!

People have been asking where “RUX” came from, and, well, now you know. 

But there’s more to it than that. Like any other simple answer in life, they often take a long disjointed detour before arriving somewhere simple. 

We started as OxBox, like the pack animal of boxes. But really we’re not a box company, and that name was taken anyway. Aux or AuxBox were hot plan B’s, but hey there’s a million Aux things out there in the world, so how would we stand out? We want to be 1 in a million, not 1 of a million. 

Shout out to the original OxBox

There’s other ways to slice the bag/box game. There’s bax and bog of course, but one sounds like a half-baked IKEA cabinet and the other only worked if we were a brand selling… swamps? 

RUXbox was a strong contender, but again, we’re not a box company. We just really wanted to make “I (heart) BOX” T-shirts. And we did ;) 

In the end, simple, short and easy rose to the top of the podium as RUX claimed the final name choice. We even thought we’d score a highly sought after 3 letter domain name when we saw www.RUX.com was parked and inactive. But after a few emails and hints of many, many, many zeros in the price tag, we latched onto www.RUX.life instead. Life is more fun anyway. 

RUX itself as a word was rarely used in all our searches. So that gave us a type of empty vessel to create meaning to tell our story.

So be it a clever acronym for Recreation User Experience (which is what we’re really all about) or just a simple hybrid of rucksacks and boxes, it was bold, clean, and simple. We also like the idea of recreation and utilitarian experiments. Just like RUX. 

Let us know what you want RUX to be and let’s build this together.

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