Design Clarity… Or Something Like That

Design Clarity… Or Something Like That

by Tony Richardson on May 04, 2020

At this point we’re ten months into this process and we know exactly what we are doing and how we are going to do it… wellllll not quite.

It’s not like the process ever ends. If you google “design process” it’s usually a bunch of words like; idea, test, prototype, reevaluate, with arrows making a circle. I think a more accurate visual would be to hand a small child a crayon and have them colour a page or a wall. Where they’re going with it is anyone’s guess.

Sized to fit ski boots? Check.

The climbing gear test… check.

But the difference these days is we’ve got clarity on which direction we’re going. The rabbit holes in recent months were eye-opening and entertaining, but now we’re committing to a direction and putting it to the test.

Tony digging through the parts graveyard from rabbit holes of yore.

Armed with direction, the new reality is that all you can do is keep making and testing it until you don’t hate it. Then have someone else try it so they can tell you how much they love it or hate it, until you fix and improve everything you can. The faster you can do this the quicker you’ll have something resembling a finished product. Instead of digging in rabbit holes we’re spiralling in a new direction, getting ever closer with every lap.

A really good way to keep the process moving forward is to just put a due date on things. The fact that you’re reading this is only because I had to get it done. The day you get your first RUX will only happen because we put a date out there to finish it.

Having direction is super refreshing, but we’re not out of the weeds yet. New puzzle pieces are arriving at the studio on the daily. Things are about to get fun, fast.


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