Final Product Samples Arrived

Final Product Samples Arrived

by Jamie Bond on May 08, 2021

We checked off another major milestone this week. We grabbed our first 20 real deal final production RUXs off the production line! They are looking sweet, and we are absolutely thrilled.

After 2 years of development and endless logistics with countless suppliers, we almost can't believe we've made it to this stage. What a feeling! Joy? Relief? Excitement? Not sure what the best word is here, but it's a very rewarding stage and we can't wait to get the remaining units out to you.

The samples that just arrived are identical to what our customers will be receiving once we complete production and freight. They're complete with QR cards, extended compression straps, an improved lid, quick-release buckles, updated webbing handles and more.

Now time to get working on the second bulk production run, because the first already sold out! Thanks for your support everyone.

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