Tight Gear, Loose Plans — How To Pack for a Camping Trip

Tight Gear, Loose Plans — How To Pack for a Camping Trip

by Jamie Bond on Apr 30, 2021

Preparing for a camping trip embraces the RUX ethos of “Tight Gear, Loose Plans”. The camping mindset needs to be one of embracing adventure, expecting uncertainty and celebrating unexpected opportunities. If you’re busy trying to remember where you packed the firestarter, or unsuccessfully whittling spoons to replace forgotten cutlery while your children eat with their hands, the unscripted moments that make spending time in the outdoors so amazing will pass you by.

They say “Proper Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance” (or “PPPPPP”). When packing for a camping trip, this is critical. It’s not a matter of just throwing a bunch of camp-like items into a few bags and heading out the door. Camping is made up of specific “events”, and the best way to prepare for a successful outing is to anticipate these events.






A roll of tinder, dry kindling, some nice choice pieces of firewood, newspaper, commercial fire starter, a couple lighters, a few roasting sticks and maybe even a sneaky bag of marshmallows, and you’ll never be left with a smouldering heap of wet wood. Happy family campfires, here we come! We keep a Fire Kit packing list handy for the next outing.

In short, the tighter your gear, the looser your plans can be, and more opportunity for fun adventure and happy memories when out camping. No reason to be carving spoons or sleeping on pine boughs if you do the proper preparation ahead of time.


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