How To Use The RUX Soft Cooler System

How To Use The RUX Soft Cooler System

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The RUX Soft Coolers are designed to compliment and integrate into the RUX System. They’re also built with modularity in mind, with multiple carry options and a variety of attachment and securing solutions for transport anywhere, in anything.

Need a refresher on the Soft Cooler Products?

RUX Soft Cooler Bag (25L)

Lightweight, foldable, and easy to carry - this super versatile soft cooler is ready to keep things chilled when you need it, while doubling as a waterproof, highly functional tote bag for whatever your trip has in store for you.


RUX Cooler Cube (5L)

Great for an après six-pack. Or a couple cold ones and a sandwich. As long as you require an ice-cold drink, the RUX Cooler Cube is perfect for you.

RUX Soft Cooler Carry Options

Soft Cooler Bag

  • Use the comfortable padded shoulder strap to easily carry a packed Bag the distance.
  • Grab handles work for a quick grab and go, or for two people to share the load.

Cooler Cube

  • The roll top closure doubles as a handle when secured in place.
  • Take the shoulder strap from the Soft Cooler Bag (or the Waterproof Bag) and secure to lash points, giving you a compact travel cooler.

How To Secure Your Soft Cooler to Almost Anything

Both the Soft Cooler Bag and Cube feature multiple in-line lash points, allowing you to secure the Cooler to almost anything. Utilize the RUX Utility Straps (or any ski strap) to secure to bike handlebars, rack systems, or beach chairs. Imagine the possibilities…

The RUX Carabiners can also be attached via the lash points, to either secure the cooler to something, or attach other items (bottle opener, anyone?)

The RUX Soft Cooler Bag features RUX Buckles, allowing attachment to the RUX Utility rails on the 70L, or anywhere you want to mount a Utility Rail (yes, we sell it as a spare part!)

Keep It Modular Like a Russian Doll, the Cooler Set is built to integrate together, and then integrate into the 70L. You can fit up to 4 Cooler Cubes in a Soft Cooler Bag (or in a RUX Waterproof Bag). This allows for additional compartmentalization and organization of your chilled supplies, and adds extra insulation qualities to your Cooler System, ensuring your supplies stay colder for longer! Once you have your Coolers organized, the Soft Cooler Bag inserts into the RUX 70L, making for easy transport, and leaving half the 70L footprint available for additional gear.

Not Just for Cold Drinks!

While the Soft Coolers are excellent for keeping supplies chilled, the memory foam insulation works just as well to retain heat inside. Transporting hot food to an office party? The Soft Cooler Bag will perform like a champ. The memory foam insulation also works as a soft, durable protective layer. Both the Cooler Cube and the Soft Cooler Bag perform flawlessly in protecting items like computers, or camera/video equipment. Combine that with the fully waterproof roll top lid and you have a super secure way to organize and transport anything you want to keep well-protected from the rigours of adventure travel.

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