'Intermodal for the People'

'Intermodal for the People'

by Jamie Bond on Sep 09, 2020

Have you ever bought anything, ever? Unless you got it at a craft fair, it came in an intermodal shipping container. You know the ones; big steel boxes you see on trucks, trains, and boats. They work equally well in all three of those modes - hence the ‘intermodal’ moniker.

It seems like an obvious solution, but until the ‘50s these didn't exist. Instead, everything that was shipped had to be loaded and unloaded multiple times for different transportation modes. 

Sounds like a pain in the ass right? You know what else it sounds like? The way you currently deal with your own gear. 

Yep. Stuffing things into clunky storage bins to be forgotten? Repacking it all into duffel bags to get it to your destination, shuffling everything into totes or backpacks for day-use, and filling in the blanks with reusable shopping bags. You know there’s a better way.  

Why is it that industries have designed and built entire systems and philosophies around how to efficiently manage and move things between modes, yet when it comes to our personal lives it’s a total hodge podge of seasonal DIY solutions? 

Just another weekend with waaaaay too many gear carrying solutions in play…


Our lead designer Tony has made it his mission to flip the switch on this situation. His lofty goal? To design and build an entire system of intermodal gear handling solutions for the people. Doesn’t matter if it’s home organization or a bad-ass expedition that needs your attention most.

Tony’s already working on it. Keep hitting us with feedback to help fuel his curiosity for what’s to come.  Let's bring intermodal to the people!

RUX prototypes in action at the shop. More to come. Can’t wait.

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  • Steve
    Oct 20, 2020 at 10:13

    I like it. They look cool and feel like they’ll protect my stuff when I use my own modes of transport. Will they be lockable for air travel? Will there be snap-on wheels? If they get heavy, is there a better way of moving them than a picnic-basket handle?

    Tuned-in and standing by.



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