Tight Gear Tuesday Featuring Davey Barr

Tight Gear Tuesday Featuring Davey Barr

Posted by Jamie Bond on

You know the drill — keep your gear tight and your plans loose. Good things will happen. #TightGearTuesday is back with a twist. The unsung gear hero we’re featuring today doesn’t just keep his own gear locked ‘n loaded for a good time, you can pay him cash money to get your own $#!t together too. True story. We’re talking about Whistler’s own skicross Olympian Davey Barr.

Since his skicross days of elbowing his way to the podium, Davey matured into a ‘professional recreationalist’ according to his ‘gram profile. By the looks of if that means SUP paddling, kitesurfing, mountain biking, snowmobiling, backcountry skiing, road tripping, camping, cervezas in baja, lake lounging and dog walking. In other words the guy knows a thing or two about loose plans and making space for the good life.

As for his gear, we actually have no idea if Davey actually keeps his gear tight ‘n ready, but we do know he helps others turn their sloppy gear tacos into beautiful burritos. Enter GoldBarr Garages — the brainchild of Davey and fellow Whistler shredder Jason ‘Goldie’ Smith. Their site claims “Not only does a functional garage allow you to have more time to play, but it also allows your mind to be put at ease every time you go to find something you need for your next adventure or DIY project.” Now that’s our kind of people.

We made Davey fill in some blanks to share some thoughts with the world:

Goldie and I make other people’s garages look rad and organized. As for my own life: 

I’m definitely organized, so I can find what I need when I need it, but my set up isn’t quite as dialled as what we do for our clients… I’m working towards that. 

My favourite gear hack is: 

Custom truck camper side doors to lock all our gear in for long road trips, plus the solar powered motion light.

If I had to choose between quarantine in Mexico or Whistler I would:

Definitely choose Whistler. I’ve been here my whole life for a good reason! Kiting and biking in La Ventana isn’t so bad either.

Supposedly everyone was supposed to ‘stay home and clean their garage’ this spring, which I guess for me means:

More calls for GoldBarr Garages! The extra time people have had during Covid seems to have helped a lot of folks come to a realization that they do want a little extra help when it comes to organizing and upgrading their (sometimes neglected) garage space. Once the ‘Covid cleaning’ happens, their garage potential is uncovered…people think ‘maybe this completely crazy, chaotic room could actually be an low stress, efficient and enjoyable room in the house with a little extra love’…ring ring goes the telephone. 

The best summer sport is:

Anything on 2 wheels.

The only thing better than a floating dock with a motor is:

Goldie’s dock with a motor, tunes, cold beers, friends, kahuna paddle board in tow, on a sunny day.


First thing I’m gonna do if/when the world gets back to normal is:

I’ve always wanted to kite and explore Fiji… but, for now I feel grateful to have to be ‘stuck’ here at home with the endless options for adventure.

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  • Awesome (even if I am a little biased.).They just get better and better.

    Nita Richardson on

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