Master your outdoor gear organization with the RUX system!

Master your outdoor gear organization with the RUX system!

by Chris Fleugel on Jan 31, 2023

The RUX system has been designed and developed to efficiently organize, store, move and use all your favourite gear.

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The System is based on our flagship product, the RUX 70L. A weatherproof, collapsible 70L gear carrier, consider this your gear basecamp. The 70L features proprietary inner and outer Utility Rails that allow RUX Components to be easily attached via our RUX buckles, creating an effective way to move and use your gear.


The RUX system (and our whole approach to design) is inspired by Intermodal Shipping. What’s that, you ask? Well, it’s a transportation modality which uses standardized cargo units (insert the RUX 70L) that can be easily moved across different modes of transportation (think cars, boats, vans, UTVs, and more) to be brought to destination (read: your favourite activity).

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Want to go even deeper? Hear from Tony, RUX co-founder and Lead Designer, about all the parts and components that make up the RUX System. 

The RUX System helps you get after it, more easily, and with style! 

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