RUX Utility Rails

RUX Utility Rails

by Chris Fleugel on Jan 23, 2023

The RUX Utility Rail is the heart of RUX System. RUX Components and shoulder straps clip into the rails via our proprietary RUX Buckles, allowing you to configure your RUX for any adventure.

Here are a few ways to maximize the Utility Rails in your RUX System

  • RUX Components
    • Clip your RUX Pocket on the inside or the outside of your RUX 70L! The perfect base camp for your wallet, keys and other small items.
    • Sick of your gear sliding around? Stow your gear in the RUX Bags and buckle up.

  • Endless Strap Configurations
    • Over the shoulder, backpack mode, single strap, side handles? The choice is yours! Check out some tips and tricks on how RUX co-founder and lead designer carries his RUX 70L. 

  • Get Creative!
    • You can also buy Utility Rails separately, opening up a world of endless potential for lash points, component attachment, or securing to track systems. Check out how the RUX community has been using RUX Utility Rails!

      RUX Pocket, Utility Rail, DYI, Modular System RUX Pocket, Utility Rail, DYI, Modular System, Bike RUX Pocket, Utility Rail, DYI, Modular System, Bike

Tell us how you're using your RUX! 

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