Meet RUX Storytellers Josh and Vanessa.

Meet RUX Storytellers Josh and Vanessa.

by Joseph Schwartz on Feb 28, 2023

Josh and Vanessa are in the middle of a life-changing roadtrip from Canada to the very southern tip of Argentina in their 80 series Landcruiser. If you want more details about their vehicle, check this post we did with them as they were preparing to leave. 
Where do you live? 

We live in Vernon, a small town in British Columbia Canada

What makes you happy? 

Tacos and pizza are our favourite go to food. We are happiest when we go snowboarding, surfing, camping and exploring wild places! As we have been on the road we have loved getting to meet people who are on the same journey as us and learning about their stories.

Tell us about the adventure you're on right now! 

Currently we are on a road trip from Vernon BC down to Ushuaia Argentina. We are driving the Pan American Highway over the next 6 months in our Toyota Land Cruiser.

How you've been using RUX in your travels? 

We use our RUX to store our camera gear and other gear that we need quick access to in our truck. We have a second RUX that we use to throw our stuff in for a day at the beach and also to carry our wetsuits! We have actually been storing one on the roof of our truck to keep all of our wet gear outside of the truck.

What's the latest on your trip? 

We are currently in southern Mexico and are planning on crossing to Belize in the coming weeks! Follow our trip on YouTube Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Our handle is @destinedforwild on all the social media. We also have a website you can stay updated with too: If you are anywhere along the way we would love to hear from you and meet up so feel free to message us!

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