The RUX 70L is reviewed in Iron & Air:

The RUX 70L is reviewed in Iron & Air:

by Chris Fleugel on Mar 03, 2023

“It takes a great sales pitch — and a better product — to justify an item that’s nearly seven times more expensive than its competition. And the outdoors-minded experts at Rux may have pulled off the perfect product to help your drag your gear from the garage to the trails.

When filled at its 50-pound max capacity, the 70L Rux Gear Box may resemble any one number of clunky, bulky (and visually unappealing) plastic storage competitors — and that’s where the similarity ends: The British Columbia-based brand touts its 70L as a combination gear case, utility tote, and duffel bag — that can also be worn backpack style as well (granted, a very large backpack).

Oh, it’s also waterproof and collapsible, meaning that when you’re glamping weekend is wrapped up, you can wash your Gear Box down with a hose and then toss under your bed till your next getaway.”

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