Revolutionizing Customization: Discover RUX's 3D CAD Files for Ultimate Personalization

Revolutionizing Customization: Discover RUX's 3D CAD Files for Ultimate Personalization

by Jeff Polster on Aug 31, 2023

We are excited to announce that the complete set of components that make up a RUX 70L is now available as free 3D CAD files. It’s an exciting opportunity for the RUX community to create tailor-made solutions that will elevate their adventures with RUX! 


Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we recognize that the democratization of 3D printing has ignited an era of limitless creativity. Our 3D CAD files act as blank canvases, empowering customers to craft bespoke RUX components. The affordability of home 3D printers and printing services smashes barriers, opening doors for designing RUX parts that seamlessly align with diverse visions.

The path from concept to the tangible marvels adorning the RUX 70L is a meticulous journey of craftsmanship. Each part, intricately designed using Fusion360, undergoes rigorous refinement – evolving from 3D-printed prototypes in varied materials to the final injection molded components. This evolution guarantees every component embodies unparalleled durability and functionality, showcasing our unwavering commitment to quality.

Already, our customers have showcased the remarkable breadth of this endeavor. Airtag holders, cup holders, custom wall brackets, and inventive cutting board lids are just a glimpse of what has already been made. The RUX community has wholeheartedly embraced this idea, pioneering solutions that redefine convenience and aesthetics, one bespoke component at a time.

Parts included in the folder include: 70L Rim, RUX Utility Rail 300mm, RUX Utility Rail 400mm, RUX Utility Hook, RUX Slatwall Hook, RUX Connect Buckle, and the RUX Rim+Rail Assembly. The parts can be downloaded by following this link. If you have any questions related to the files, please contact [email protected]

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