Rux Rides - Glen's Sprinter

Rux Rides - Glen's Sprinter

by Sam Eastman on Aug 06, 2021

Glen is a friend of RUX and one of our early RUX prototype testers. He also spends much of his time living out of his amazing sprinter Van. Glen currently resides  in Carpinteria, California and balances time between the beach and mtns.  Glen works in Product R&D and is happiest outside with family and friends experiencing shared adventures!


 Describe your Van? Make, model, etc. 

 Van is a 2020 144 High Roof Sprinter 4x4 Diesel.  Van was a cargo base with a full custom build by  




 What’s your favourite feature and how does it make life easier for you? 

 Greg's kit cot design is by far one of the gems of the build out!  Set up as a family gear hauler to be able to do the voyage to the mountains and the ocean and carry all the options along the way. We set it up to be seasonally modular so that you can tune it for seasonal adventures.  And of course with the current working from remote options it has been nice to be able to set up a workstation when possible.



Best adventure you have ever had with your Sprinter? 

 Favourite loop is to go up the east side of the Sierras and back down along the PCH.  Always fun to camp along the way and land epic snowstorms and swell in the same trips.  Plus bring all the needs for the family.  Our most epic adventure was spending our Maternity/Paternity leave from California to BC and back with a 7 week old chasing storms and visiting all our favorite winter spots and friends along the way.



Ever gotten stuck? 

 Honestly we have been pretty lucky and only got "almost" stuck on a beach in southern Oregon kitesurfing.  


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