Rux Rides- Logan's 4Runner

Rux Rides- Logan's 4Runner

by Sam Eastman on Jul 28, 2021

Hailing from Victoria BC, Logan Moore is a dedicated overland enthusiast. When he’s not working at his full-time job in the Royal Canadian Navy, Logan is either on a photo mission, on an off-road adventure exploring around Vancouver Island, or planning for one of the two. Logan’s greatest joys include exploring new places with his wife and good friends, while sharing  love for both off-road exploration and photography with others.


What’s your daily driver? 

I drive a 2014 Toyota 4Runner.

Do you have a favourite feature of your 4Runner?

There are a lot of things I love about the 4Runner, but the newest addition of the hard shell rooftop tent has to be my favourite. After years of my wife and I moving all of our gear out of the back of the 4Runner, blowing up a double air mattress to sleep in the back, we finally have a dedicated sleeping space that is quick and easy to set up, making camping that much more enjoyable!


Favourite road trip? 

 While I've driven the 4Runner across Canada and down to Southern California and back, northern Vancouver Island has to be the coolest place I've taken it. Driving along extremely remote logging roads for hours to camp right on a tropical sandy beach has been the highlight of my off-road adventures thus far.


Most epic stuck/breakdown/wrong turn?

 Early on in my time with the 4Runner, with little experience and too much confidence I managed to bury the truck up to the frame in snow near the top of a mountain road. No recovery gear, no shovel, no reception, and a long walk back to the main road - the situation was bleak to say the least. Lucky enough for us, a man on a quad happened to be driving that same road and managed, just barely, to tug us out with a recovery strap he had. Lesson learned that day.


What mods would you recommend getting started with?

Relating to my most epic stuck... a good set of A/T tires and some basic safety and recovery gear (kinetic strap, traction boards, Garmin InReach, etc.). You'd be surprised by what you can get yourself out of with a set of traction boards. My motto these days is this: have adequate recovery gear or travel with someone who does!

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