Surf Check

Surf Check

by Jamie Bond on Feb 08, 2021

Out the door in the dark, a headlamp leads the way through the dense, overgrown forest. Optimism builds in the form of light wind and strong west swell. But this stretch of coast is fickle at best— you never know what you're going to get.

Ocean swells are a bit like livin'. Hell, most of what we chase after in the dark is unpredictable. We never know how an adventure will end up, and sometimes that's the fun of it.

We can't control the ocean, nor the snow, nor the winds. But there's real zen in letting go of what we can't control. Keeping plans loose.

Focusing on what we can. Doing what we love, making time and space for it, giving our all when we're there. And of course - keeping our gear tight.

Filmed and edited by Mike Henitiuk

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