Sneak Peek of QRUX - Another Layer of Gear Management by RUX

Sneak Peek of QRUX - Another Layer of Gear Management by RUX

by Jamie Bond on Nov 16, 2020

We know what you're thinking... "What's with the big black & white digi checker board label in all the RUX product photos?" OK we'll give you more credit than that. It's 2020, and you know it's a QR code. But what's it for and what does it have to do with RUX? 

QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) allow for easy distribution of important information on just about any media and for any purpose. They are found on just about any modern product sold these days, but we decided to take that one step further.

Introducing QRUX - an app that allows you to manage all things RUX by utilizing unique QR codes that come printed on every RUX. Whether it's for personal use or commercial applications, we've got big plans for where we can take this.

The first things you can do with QRUX is register your RUX for its lifetime warranty as well as verify your RUX's authenticity. You’ll be able to purchase RUX specific accessories that suit your needs, or begin a warranty claim should disaster strike and your RUX gets damaged.

You can also use QRUX to manage the location and contents of every RUX you own. The more RUX you have, the more useful this function becomes. Our friends in the mountain construction industry who've pre-ordered 100 RUX will be looking forward to this feature. 

We're just getting started. QRUX has endless potential and we can't wait to see where it goes. 

See below for some of the key highlights, or watch the video for a quick overview!


Track your RUX location. The app will geo locate your RUX’s last scanned location and plot it on a map for you, and you can give it a friendly location name like 'garage', 'basement' or 'dark side of the moon'.

Gear Lists

Opening day of ski season is coming up fast, do you remember where you packed your goggles last season? Every RUX has a handy clear window to see contents, but QRUX makes gear finding even easier.  Just add items to your Gear List if you plan on storing the for a while.

Gear Photos

More of a visual person? No problem you can snap a picture of your gear as you pack it. You can pull this up later to see exactly what you and how you packed.

We're just getting started so please let us know if there's other ways QRUX could help you make more time and space for the good life outside. 

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