Testing, Testing, 1 2 3

Testing, Testing, 1 2 3

by Jamie Bond on Jun 23, 2020

Build it, break it, fix it. Question it, change it, change it back. Revisit the core problem we’re trying to solve and for whom. Build it again.

The vibe is high with prototype buzz at RUX these days. Tony has built a small army of early prototypes for people to test for size, function, and usage scenarios. And just when he thought the hard part was done, the proto servicing binge kicked in. Never a dull moment at RUX HQ. 

We’re constantly swapping the prototypes from testers, bringing them back to the studio, then back to new testers. Every swap yields new parts, new materials, and new solutions.

The biggest kicker is that all of the above variations end up outdated by the time they roll out because the next iteration is already in Tony’s head or rendering in the 3D printer while the next proto goes out the door. Rapid prototyping, rapid feedback, rapid fun.

Huge thanks to everyone who has participated in testing so far. We sincerely appreciate the wealth of insight this bad-ass outdoor community has to offer. Let’s keep it going.

Ping. Sounds like another part just emerged from the printer. Tony! Order up!

The eyes of a man who has seen too many prototype upgrades this week. 
Tester Alex takes RUX for a spin in the ocean. 
If at first you don't succeed, bring out the drill bits. 

Important research findings from Eric 'Hoji' Hjorleifson. 

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