Who Let The RUX Out?

Who Let The RUX Out?

by Jamie Bond on Jul 07, 2020

Plan A — Slide the family into an overland Jeep rental, head for the hills and see what happens. Wait, cancel that, because, well… #COVID. Rental opportunity cancelled.

Plan B —Ditch the family, link up with the boys, boat to an inlet for a hike-scramble-ski-swim epic. No cancel that, no more room after chasing plan A for too long.

Is this a sob story? Hells no. The ability to go outside and play anywherefor Canada Day week was an incredibly fortunate opportunity given the state of the world right now. Actually in hindsight it’s a fortunate opportunity regardless of the calendar year. This year it’s just easier to appreciate the opportunity without taking it for granted. Hopefully everyone who’s currently lucky and healthy enough to find time and space for hedonistic pursuits is relishing every last minute of it and doing so responsibly.

Ok, Plan C— Strap some boards to the roof, grab the RUX prototype full of wetsuits, follow the wind and wave forecast.


The early RUX protos have been absolutely chomping at the bit for some adventures, and their backyard leash just got a lot bigger. Watch this space for more Protos On The Loose antics coming each week.


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