The Countdown Begins. Join Us.

The Countdown Begins. Join Us.

by Jamie Bond on Oct 07, 2020

You can tell we're getting busy with RUX launch prep when we miss our 2nd week of 'weekly' updates just as soon as we started them! That's because big things have been brewing. Here's the latest...

Launch Time

Our Indiegogo launch is on the calendar for early November, so it's all systems go from here to there. We're filming our launch video this week and next, and once we finish laughing at the hilarity of it all, we'll sit down to finish it up for your viewing pleasure. Gotta keep things fun in life right?

Join The Community

As promised we've just launched our VIP Facebook Group this week. It's already a few hundred members strong! Thanks to everyone who's joined us so far. For everyone else - get in on it. We'll be sharing behind-the-scenes updates, hearing your ideas and feedback, and giving you first heads up when we launch.

RUX Taking Shape

The RUX concept is sooooooo much bigger than just one super-handy mutant of a bag and a gear case. It has been intriguing trying to boil it down for launch, but we've done it with your help. We've zeroed in on the 70L size for launch, the dead-sexy tan colorway, and a universal feature set that we hope you'll find wildly versatile. 

We also have some optional interior accessories in the works to further enhance usability and organization.

The details will come out in the days and weeks before launch, so stay engaged with your feedback and we'll keep building this thing.


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