Lights, Camera, Action - Weekly Pre-Launch Update

Lights, Camera, Action - Weekly Pre-Launch Update

by Jamie Bond on Oct 20, 2020

It was all systems go at RUX this past week, and pretty soon we'll have photos and videos to prove it. 

Launch Video

We successfully filmed our launch video last week and it's currently in the oven baking. Or more accurately, our talented friend and award-winning film maker Grant Baldwin is locked away in his editing studio, not allowed to sleep or eat until it's done. The launch video was ambitious an quirky, not unlike this RUX project overall. We can't wait to see the result. Bring some popcorn for launch day. 

Facebook Live AMA - Thursday at noon Pacific Time

Now that we've warmed up in front of the camera, we're going live in front of one later this week. You all have questions, we hopefully have answers.

Join us on Facebook at noon pacific time this Thursday Oct 22.

It should be entertaining and enlightening. But seriously, we truly value all the feedback you have all provided so far, and we would be thrilled to hear from more of you on Thursday. In the meantime, join our RUX VIP group on Facebook and add some questions to this thread

Getting Weird

With launch coming up, it's time to get weird. We've got some fun ideas up our sleeves. If the stars align and our next batch of prototypes gets completed in time, watch out for some #RUXtoMars #RUXLaunch #RUXSpaceStation weirdness to hit our channels soon enough. 



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  • Nita Richardson
    Oct 21, 2020 at 20:33

    Can’t wait. It’s been a journey to follow the RUX project. To Mars and back.See you tomorrow.xoxo


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