The RUX 70L is reviewed in Forbes

The RUX 70L is reviewed in Forbes

by Chris Fleugel on Feb 21, 2023

RUX 70L Storage System Design: More Than Another Storage Bin

The most significant thing separating the RUX from more traditional storage bins is its task-driven design. The materials that make it up aren't merely aesthetic, but supportive of its various functional features too. It’s largely constructed of 840D TPU coated waterproof nylon that sheds moisture, dirt and unwanted debris, which means it’s durable yet pliable.

In practice, this thoughtful design allowed me to squeeze more gear into it than a more rigid bin would ever allow. That little bit of extra give in the nylon material can make all the difference when you need to cram one—or several—almost-forgotten items at the last minute.”

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