RUX Pro Tips

RUX Pro Tips

Posted by Chris Fleugel on

Tony, RUX co-founder and lead designer, may be the most pro RUX user on the planet. Watch our latest video where he gives us all his pro tips, so you can make the most out of your RUX System!


Tri Fold Lid:

At a glance, you may think the Tri-Fold lid is only a lid for your RUX, but it makes an equally great seat pad for a day at the crag. It also makes the perfect change mat while you’re changing into your wetsuit or ski boots!


Carry Modes:

The RUX 70L is equipped with Utility Rails on all sides of your RUX, inside and out. Our modular carry straps clip into the Utility Rails meaning there are literally dozens of ways to carry your RUX. Backpack, over the shoulder, briefcase - sky’s the limit!

RUX Carry Mode Utility Rails RUX Carry Mode Utility Rails


RUX is built to last, and back with a Lifetime Guarantee. But, like anything, it needs a little TLC every once in a while. Make sure to remove your Corner Stays if you’re planning to store your RUX collapsed for an extended period of time. Secondly, if you’re using your RUX in sandy, saltwater, applications make sure to give it a rinse with freshwater afterwards. Your RUX will thank you!

RUX Maintenance Rinse Marine Sand Saltwater

Make sure you check out our latest video for all Tony’s Pro Tips! Want to be a RUX Pro? Pick up a RUX 70L here

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  • I just got the trio 70l kit and I love it: but that being said I need to figure out how to hang it from 80/20 rails horizontally.

    Jason Molino on
  • Love the RUX (I’ve got one of each color:) and thanks for the tips!

    Thom Downing on
  • Sooo, how can I become a RUX Pro?
    I think you guys know me, Eric Berger, Whistler and Gambier island based pro photographer/adventurer.
    Let’s talk so I can tell you more about how I can RUX and add to your marketing assets. or 604-938-3839

    Eric Berger on

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