What to Pack for a Baja Surf Trip (ft. NAGI Wetsuits)

What to Pack for a Baja Surf Trip (ft. NAGI Wetsuits)

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NAGI Wetsuits is a surf brand based in San Diego, California. Recently, for their team trip, they hopped in some 4x4 trucks, popped over the Mexico/US border, and drove down the Baja in search of peeling point breaks, desert camping and fish tacos. We caught up with co-founders Marina and Josh to find out more.


RUX: What, where, why? 

NAGI: This was our first trip as a team and we wanted to go somewhere worth traveling and adventurous. Baja California has a list of surf destinations with long waves and light crowds… compared to California standards. Starting from San Diego, we drove just around 18 hours south, including 4 hours of off-roading. There are small towns to stop on the way for surfing, camping, and fishing.

What did you pack? 

An assortment of surfboards, wetsuits, towels, surf wax, fins, food prep, cookware. Team merchandise (i.e. shirts, shorts, hats) sunscreen, and ear plugs.

What’s the most essential piece of gear in that list?

Surfboard! Without those and other similar items, it wouldn’t be a surf trip!

What were the most crucial things you forgot?

As we planned for this trip months in advance, we prepared our list of items but wished we had more space for more longboards. With four people jammed in a small Tacoma, we only packed one longboard, two mid-lengths, and three shortboards.

Why NAGI suits? What makes them better than the rest? 

NAGI Wetsuit makes the most comfortable and highest performing wetsuits in the industry. To stay warm and surf all day, this time of year our team really enjoys the Rising Sun model. 2mm of neoprene is all it takes from NAGI, while others are using 3/2mm.

What’s your favourite gear-organizing pro tip you could share for this trip?

We really liked the RUX pocket. Smaller pieces of gear like sunscreen, fins, and surf wax fit perfectly in a compact, sturdy, and storable pocket.

How did you use RUX on this trip? In what ways did RUX make it even easier to keep your gear tight and plans loose?

We used RUX to bundle cookware in one box and surf essentials in another. With the different colors, we were able to access what was needed as easy as it sounds. The foldable lid was a great addition for quickly grabbing surf essentials while the boxes were stacked on top as we were on-the-go to multiple surf and camp spots.

What makes this trip special for you?

Making our first trip international but still close to home, Baja California is a very special place where we created unforgettable memories. Being able to share this place with the team brought excitement and stoke to a group of young riders.

Anything else you'd like to add? 

We were very grateful to have done this partnership and pleased with the support for making this trip much more efficient and enjoyable.Thank you RUX!

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