What Gear-Hauler is WRONG for You?

What Gear-Hauler is WRONG for You?

Posted by Chris Fleugel on

The Wrong Hauler: Fabric Tote Bag

You Are: An Errand-Running Busy-Bee!

Why it’s Not the Fit: Eco-friendly; sometimes. User-friendly? Never. Awkward and painful to carry with a heavy load. Where are you putting your keys? Your wallet? That shiny smartphone? Surely not in the shuffling void that is the bottom of your fabric tote? 


The Wrong Hauler: Drybag

You Are: Trying to Keep Your Things Dry

Why it’s Not the Fit: You’re out on the water and the perfect photo opportunity rears its head. “Quick! Grab my camera!” Enter the dry bag: the unorganized smorgasbord of gear stuffed haphazardly into its 10 litres of nylon that you frantically empty as the photo op passes you by. 

The Wrong Hauler: Soft-Sided Luggage

You Are: Carrying your Prized Gear

Why it’s Not the Fit: Why it’s Not the Fit: Unfortunately, these are not one-size-fits-all. Not even one-size-fits-most. You’re packing a week of adventure gear into a bag built for 3 days at best. And don’t even get us started on how unwieldy it is to carry. Let’s be real, your gear deserves better. You deserve better.


The RIGHT Hauler:

The RUX System - Designed to manage and move your stuff.

Waterproof Bag (25L)

Features a secure rolltop closure, comfortable handles and bombproof construction. The easy access of the 25L stand-alone design makes your camera easy to find when you spy the perfect shot.


The fully collapsible RUX 70L is engineered to fit any space, built to weather the toughest elements, and makes organizing your things child’s play. Fully modular and customizable, when it comes to an all-in-one solution to carrying, storing, or moving your gear, the 70L is king.


Durable, lightweight, and with a built-in mesh pocket for your valuables, the 25L RUX Bag is our answer to knowing you’ve got whatever the day’s about to throw at you.


Shop the RUX System here!

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